Health goals differ at different stages


Our bodies comprising of all the vital organs and tissues with their interconnected networking systems is a highly advanced machine. For every single cell, every tissue and every organ to function and to perform its highly specialised role, we need to keep the supporting framework and the parts, ‘well-oiled’ and ‘serviced’ with a high degree of regular ‘maintenance,’ just as we would do for any other machine. The difference would be that unlike other machines, our body is one of its kind, with parts that are precious and to a large extent, irreplaceable.

Health Goals Differ At Different Stages
Health care goals vary at different stages of one’s life. In childhood, the focus is usually on good nutrition, physical growth and motor development, improving language and social skills, immunisations etc. During teenage life, health concerns are about further improving the musculoskeletal framework of the body, healthy eating and finding a balance between academics, physical and other activities, which broaden our horizon to improve mental and social well-being.

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