What is dialysis? Know it’s myths

The Meaning Of Dialysis
A twenty-year-old who is on dialysis has a hundred times more chance of dying as compared to a healthy eighty year old! On dialysis, 10 per cent of the patients die within one year, 50 per cent within five years and 90 per cent within ten years. These statistics basically underline the dangers of kidney disease and the inadequacy of dialysis to substitute kidney function.


And, contrary to common perception, the high death rate is not because of dialysis per se, but due to the negative impact of kidney failure on other organs. In fact, most deaths in patients dependent on dialysis are due to cardiac causes, lung diseases, brain strokes and infections. Unfortunately, the process of dialysis gets a bad name by association. Patients on dialysis die due to some other causes but people believe they died due to dialysis.

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