Tips To Beat The Summer Heat

During the summer months, the heat tends to get unbearable in some parts of the country and many people, especially elders may succumb to the unrelenting hot temperatures. Thus, it is always preferable to stay indoors and in air-conditioned rooms. It is also a good idea to not expose yourself to the heat. Just follow these simple precautions at home and outside, to stay protected.

Summer heat

  • At home, keep the curtains drawn so that excess heat does not enter the house
  • Always close the windows when the outside air becomes too hot and dry
  • Open windows and doors in the evenings, so that accumulated heat can escape and cool air can enter
  • Keep something cold like water or juice handy whenever you are going out,keeping it in insulated bottles helps it to remain cool
  • Always apply sunscreen, even when you are indoors
  • SOURCE: wellbeing magazine



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