Have Knowledge On Chi Energy Flow

The 21st century urbanite is sophisticated, but is often a victim of stress accompanied by a fast-paced lifestyle. But even as we aspire to achieve excellence in our sphere of work, we need to listen to our body. Imagine filling fuel for just five days in a car which runs 365 days! This is exactly what is happening to you.

Chi Energy

You may have realised that one day you are full of energy and spirit and the very next day, you feel low. It’s the same body and the same environment – so what is it that makes you feel so lovely one day and so dull the next?

Our Life Energy
Chi, sometimes spelled Qi is the Chinese word for the life energy or ‘prana’ that is present in every living being and which has to be maintained using the energies of the universe. A person starts feeling sick and unhealthy when the free flow of Chi is blocked or Chi is not maintained to the optimum level.

Source: wellbeing magazine


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