Rose And Honey Tea

Rose petal tea is a cup of good health! A good source of vitamin C, two cups of this tea a day, helps in improving the immunity power of your body, helps in the process of losing weight and also cures constipation and diarrhoea.

Here is the recipe of the Rose and Honey Tea:

>> Water as required
>> Few rose petals
>> Honey as required


>> Boil water. Add the rose petals to it. Turn off the heat
>> Let the rose petals lend their colour to the water
>> Strain and add honey to sweeten the tea
>> Serve hot

Nutritive Value (per serving)
>> Energy – 20kcals
>> Carbohydrates – 6g
>> Protein – 0g
>> Fibre – 0g
>> Fat – 0g

Source: Diet and Nutrition Magazine


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