Say No To Drugs And Yes To Spirituality!

So what is the spiritual possibility of these chemicals? Probably, the explosion of energy caused by the chemical makes people definitely believe that there is a possibility..

Many people have researched and experimented with hallucinogenic drugs as a way to break through the limitations of their existing level of consciousness. Aldous Huxley is the person who did very extensive experiments in this regard – not just with himself but upon many people. He closely observed and recorded many experiences. Carl Jung also did a certain level of experiments. All of them did notice that there seemed to be some kinds of breakthroughs but they always came to a dead end; they could not go beyond a certain point. They thought there could be some other drug to do this.

The Advent Of LSD
In the 1960s, people experimented with the drug known as LSD in a big way in the United States. There was a man known as Ram Dass, who became a big phenomenon during that time. He was one of the Harvard University professors who was experimenting with LSD and even manufactured it. They thought this is the way to nirvana. That was when people started advertising very boldly in California, ‘In India it takes twelve years, here it happens very quick!’


The Exodus
That wave in the 60s and 70s took the lives of many youth. This wave came to India as well, because when the drugs got the people in the United States high and the dropped them, again and again, people told them to ‘you need to go to India.’ So a huge exodus of hippies happened in India and Nepal. When the Indian police started cracking down, they all moved to Nepal. Even today, remnants of those 60s die-hard hippies who refused to change are still hanging around at the borders of the Himalayas, peddling and living on drugs.

So what is the spiritual possibility of these chemicals? Probably, the explosion of energy caused by the chemical makes people definitely believe that there is a possibility. But can a chemical take you across? It does not matter what kind of chemical it is, it cannot take you across. That is hundred percent clear.

Why Marijuana Is Not ‘Mild!’
There are people who propagate getting onto something ‘mild’ like marijuana, ‘it is harmless, it is nice, it keeps you calm.’ It definitely keeps you calm by calming your nerves, there is no question about that. But it calms you, calms you and calms you and after sometime, you become too calm, without any fire in you, without
anything. You will also see your mental capabilities start shrinking slowly.

The very nature of the spiritual experience is such that whenever you explode into a different dimension of energy, the first thing that happens to you is suddenly you have enhanced capabilities. But the effect of drugs is just the reverse – whenever it gives you some experience, it reduces your mental capability.

Alcohol And Drugs Only Destroy
The problem with alcohol and drugs is by experience it may be good, but it destroys the body and mind and it destroys all human potential. If it did not do that, everybody would have been prescribed this all over the world. But if you do not take anything from outside and just allow this system to function in its full scope and scale, you will see that you are intoxicated in a much bigger way. You can remain intoxicated twenty-four hours of the day, with no hangover at the end and be fully aware with greatly enhanced capabilities as all the stuff you want is there in your body.

Yoga Can Help You Explore Your System
To remain calm and to remain in an extreme sense of pleasure all the time is accessible to every human being if they just explore their own system a little more. The science of yoga gives this pleasure to you. Yogis are not against pleasure. It is just that they are unwilling to settle for little pleasures, that’s all. They are greedy. They know if you drink a glass of wine, it just gets you a little buzzy and then the next day you get a headache and everything. They are not willing to go for that.

You can be totally drunk all the time but you must be one hundred per cent stable and alert in order to enjoy the intoxication. This cannot happen by drinking something or taking a chemical. Be totally drunk but fully alert, only then you can enjoy it!

Source: Bpositive Magazine


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